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Tau Taxidermy

You may choose to have your African taxidermy work done in Namibia, partially or fully, or you can have it sent to be done by your own African animal taxidermist. 

What ever you decide your hunting trophies will be taken to a taxidermist in Namibia for processing, after the first preparation of your hunting trophies which is done at Tau Taxidermy. It usually takes us anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks to be finish with the first preparation of your trophies and have them delivered to the taxidermist. Should you not be doing your trophies’ taxidermy work in Namibia, we recommend that you bring to Namibia your taxidermist’s contact information along with their trophy tags, which your taxidermist should easily be able to supply you with. 

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Tau Taxidermy


Once our taxidermist has your trophies, they will contact you to confirm your order for the work to be done and request payment. Payment to the taxidermist is done by wire transfer directly to them, usually a month or so after you have returned from your hunting safari. The taxidermist will then process your trophies for exportation into the country of destination which will be done through the shipping agent. Once the work by the taxidermist is done, the shipping agent will be contacting you for payment.


In regard to the shipment of your hunting trophies, we refer our clients to African Shipping Services to ensure that they are handled and shipped with care so that they reach their destination safely. Owner and manager of African Shipping Services, Rainer Sentefol has many years of experience in the Namibian transport industry and consistently provides high customer service, expert advice and competitive pricing, since every shipment is unique, they constantly source the most beneficial rates for you.


Should you want detailed information, or a quote for the dip pack only or the dip pack and taxidermy of your trophies please find the contact information below of the taxidermist in Namibia that we have been working with for many years and that we refer to our clients.

African Shipping Services
Mr. Rainer Sentefol
T: 264 (61) 30 821
F: 264 (61) 30 822
C: 264 (81) 306 3025

Tau Taxidermy

C: 264 (81) 305 4002

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