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Franklin Hunting Safaris Bow Hunting

For the skilled hunter

Bow Hunting

Excellent bow hunting combined with breathtaking scenery, amazing wildlife, and the charm of Namibia. 

A hunter can have an absolutely extraordinary hunting experience with Franklin Hunting Safaris, hunting in open savanna areas with dry grass and bush land. 
If a hunter wants a straightforward, natural approach or something a little more opulent and luxurious, Franklin Hunting Safaris offers first-rate service. 

For our Bow hunting, we us Stalking, either from blinds at waterholes or strategic lookout points. 

Our passion for trophy hunting turns into your success! Successful trophy hunting in Namibia requires the direction of knowledgeable, experienced professional guides, and we have the best! 
From the most intrepid hunter to those who simply enjoy the great outdoors and admire the wonderful wildlife that Namibia has to offer, Franklin Hunting Safaris promises to satisfy. 

Franklin Hunting Safaris Bow Hunter
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